We are a COMMUNITY of educators, dancers and parents who engage in the performing arts as a discipline to enrich the lives of our children and our community. We strive for personal growth and academic excellence in every student that we nurture.


Tuition will be automatically drafted the first of each month with the credit or debit card you’d like to put on file. If you need another payment plan option, please let us know and we can work with you. Tuition is due every month by the 10th. Any balances not paid by then will acquire a $20 late fee. If your child is sick or unable to attend class, please mail your payment to the studio to avoid a late charge. There will be no exceptions to the late payment charge. When you register your child for class, you reserve your place in that class. Therefore, full tuition must be paid each month to keep your place in that class regardless of your attendance. There are family rates available if you have more than one student taking more than one class. If a check is returned to us, you will be given 48 hours to present cash or a cashier’s check. After 48 hours, your child will not be able to participate until the account is paid.

Withdrawals and Refunds

A one month notification from the 1st of the month is required to withdrawal from any class. Withdrawal must be presented in writing to the front desk or by email. There will be no refunds for withdrawals after March 1st. By this time, choreography has been started for the recital. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Make up classes will be available if the studio has to close due to inclement weather. Once you have committed to perform in our recital, there will be no refund on recital fees or costume fees.

Dress Code

Students must abide by the dress code provided for each class. Hair is to be securely tied back in a ponytail or bun unless otherwise directed

Parent’s Responsibility

Parents, you are responsible for having your child dressed appropriately and ready to dance at the assigned time your class begins. Please have your child to dance class on time and be on time to pick your child up. No more than 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late. GCDA will not provide staff to babysit nor will the facilities be used for this purpose. We ask that each child use the bathroom prior to class. Please place your child’s name on all of their belongings. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Parents are not allowed to stay and watch class. We will have a special day in December for parents to observe each class that their child participates in. If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you address the issue by phone, email or set up a meeting. We will be unable to address matters during or between classes.

Student’s Responsibility

Students, we ask that you are present and on time every week. You are expected to respect all teachers and students. If you are being disrespectful, you will be asked to leave class. Cell phone use during class will not be permitted. Please be ready to work hard and give 110 percent!!


Parents will have the opportunity to purchase ads, both business and/or personal, to place in our recital program book. There will be incentives based on the amount of ad sale money for each student. You can win up to a year of dance tuition free.

Social Media

We ask that all issues/concerns be presented to the owners and not on social media. We ask students and parents to conduct themselves with professionalism at all times. If it comes to our attention that you have slandered GCDA’s name in any way, it can result in immediate dismissal form our studio!



Leotard and tights of any color. Ballet and Tap shoes.

Classical Ballet/Pointe

Black leotard and pink tights. Pink ballet shoes.


Leotard or sports bra/crop top with jazz pants, capris, or jazz shorts with tights. No T-shirts or workout shorts. Jazz shoes or dance paws.


Same as Jazz. Tap shoes – lace up and no split toes.


Leotard or spandex and footless tights of any color. Bare feet.

Hip Hop

Loose, comfortable clothing that the student can move in. Sneakers.

Contemporary / Modern

Same as Jazz. Bare feet.

*Every class requires that tights be worn, with the exception of Hip Hop.